Gin & Brin Awards 2023: apply now

Dear distillers!

ŠKRD Na placu will once again organize the Gin & Brin Awards for rating of gin and brinjevec (juniper spirit) as part of this year’s Gin & Brin festival. This will be a closed event. Our judging panel consists of various Slovenian experts in spirits and distillation, sommeliers, barmans and others. You will be informed about your results latest by 25th June 2023.

The registration of samples is open to every distiller and is not limited to distillers who are presenting their products on the festival. However, it is definitely desirable that you visit our festival, as the awards ceremony for the highest-rated spirits is a part of Friday’s event (June 30, 2023).

The registration opens on 16th May 2023. Samples can be registered no later than 5th June 2023. You may participate in the following categories: London Dry Gin, Cold Blended Gin, Distilled Gin, Fruit Gin, Juniper, Gin-based Liqueur, Spirit with juniper aroma (new category from 2023). Spirit samples are rated according to a 100-point system.

More details are available on the following links. You will be informed about your results latest by 25th June 2023.

VABILO k prijavi vzorcev na 4. ocenjevanje ginov in brinjevcev – Gin & Brin festival 2023

INVITATION to register samples for 4th Gin & Brin Awards – Gin & Brin festival 2023


The purpose of Gin & Brin Awards at the Gin & Brin Festival is primarily to promote the production of quality products and generally improve their quality, so we kindly invite you to participate.

Gin & Brin Festival 2023 – The Date Is Set!

This year’s Gin & Brin festival will take place on Friday, 30 June, and Saturday, 1 July 2023.

This year, too, we will gather under the pine trees in Dutovlje (Karst Region, Slovenia), more precisely by the sports field, and have a good time late into the night with excellent products from many distillers. Let us whisper to you that some fresh distilleries will also be with us this year.

!!! DISTILLERS: if you want to join us and present your products at our festival, you are welcome to contact us at

Two of the highlights will be acoustic concerts, as this year we will be joined by more prominent names from the Slovenian music scene – we will reveal more very soon!

We will also prepare several workshops and another accompanying program, which will be an upgrade of last year’s. The most ardent gin lovers will be delighted by the news that this year it will also be possible to camp next to the venue and thus experience the festival in its entirety without having to worry about driving. 🙂

Already in the middle of June, the expert team of judges will gather to rate this year’s gins and ‘brinjevec’ (juniper spirits) for Gin & Brin Awards. Everyone can apply their samples – even distillers who do not present themselves at the festival. We will announce more about this in the middle of May.

For all current information about what is happening, we recommend that you follow our website and social networks. There will be quite a bit of news in the coming weeks.

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